For couples who are married, sexual relations can be one way to maintain a healthy body and mind. There are some startling facts about the sexual relationship has not been known. Anything?

Reporting from Medindia, following 10 interesting facts about sexual intercourse :

1. The number of people having sex per day
There are about 100 million people worldwide who have sex every day.

2. The number of people per year have sex
Based on the results of a survey conducted by The Durex World Sex Survey, a global result that people have sex as much as 103 times per year or 1.98 times per week or 0.28 times per day.

3. Food sex enhancer
Certain foods are known to improve one's sex drive, among other lean meats, grains, watermelon, Pumpkin seeds, almonds, bananas, strawberries, mango, avocado, chilli, cardamom, pepper, champagne, oysters, dark chocolate (dark chocolate) , truffles and caviar.

4. Sex burns calories
Having sex can burn 70-120 calories in women weighing about 60 pounds and 77-155 calories for a man weighing about 77 kilograms per hour.

5. Most countries who have sex
America and Greece recorded as the state with most sexual relationships in the world. In America there were reported 124 times per year sexual relationship in Greece and 117 times higher than the world average of 103 times. India recorded having sex only 76 times a year and the Japanese seem least interested in sex as only intercourse was recorded 36 times per year.

6. Erections at night
The study of erectile suggests that men may experience erectile about 9 times in a single night, regardless of whether or not he had erotic dreams.

7. World sex record
In 2004, porn star Lisa Sparxxx create a world record which is extraordinary, that is to have sex with 919 men within 24 hours.

8. The number of porn sites
There are more than 4.2 million pornographic websites in the world grows every day with millions of videos that illustrate a variety of sexual relationships.

9. The position of the Kama Sutra
In the ancient book of Hindu Sanskrit 'Kama Sutra', there are a total of 64 positions for sexual intercourse. This is illustrated very graphically by the statue in the temple of Konark and Khajuraho. Kama Sutra describes making love as "divine union".

10. The myth of sexual relations in Africa
In Africa there is one common myth in circulation, namely sexual intercourse with a virgin girl (virgin) can cure AIDS. This myth is known as Deflowering Virgins and has been popular since ancient times. Fatafehi Paulah, King of Tonga in the 17th century was even able to sleep with 10 virgins in one day.


My Child...
when I get old
I hope you understand
and have patience with me

In case I break a place,
or spill soup on the table because
I'm loosing my eyesight,
I hope you don't yell at me

Older people are sensitive...
always having selfpity when you yell
When my hearing gets worse
and I can't hear what you're saying,
I hope you don't call me "deaf"

Please repeat what you said or write it down
I'm sorry my child
I'm geeting older...

When my knees get weaker,
I hope you have the patience to help me get up
Like how used to help you while you were little,
Learning how to walk
Please bear with me

When I keep repeting my self
like a broken record,
I hope you just keep listening to me
Please dont make fun of me
or get sick of  listening to me

Do you remember when you were little
and you wanted a balloon?
You repeated yourself over and over
until you got what you wanted

Please also pardon smell
I smell like an old person

Please don't  force me to shower
My body is weak
Old people get sick easily when they're cold
I  hope  I don't gross you out

Do you remember when you were little?
I used to chase you around because didn't want to shower
I hope can be patient with me when I'm always cranky
It's all part of getting old

You'll understand when you're older
And if  you have spare time,
I  hope we can talk
Even for view minutes
I'm always all by my self al the time,
and have no one to talk to

I know you're busy with work.
Even you're not intersted in my stories,
Please have time for me

Do you remember when you were little
I used to listen to your stories
about teddy bear
When the time comes
and I get ill and bedridden,
I hope you have the patience to take care of me

if  I accidentally wet the bed or make a mess
I hope you have the patience
to take care of me during the last
few moments of my life

I'm not going to last much longer, anyway
When the time of my death comes,
I hope you hold my hand
and give me the strength to face death

And don't worry...
When I finally meet our Creator...
I will whisper in his ear
to BLESS you
Because you loved your Dom and Dad.
Thank you so much for you care

WE LOVE YOU with much love,


By Unknown

God forgive me if it has hurt my parents
Love them like they love me in my little time
Especially for you, thank you very much
'cos of you  i've found this link


Cherish you in every circumstance, with all the sincere hope of bringing peace wrapped in prayer so that even if they are not the same ideology with you. In such an atmosphere of grief, amid the pace of poverty that is increasingly open, both diseases of liver disease or disease that more and more diverse kinds, in the midst of conflict between nationalities are also elements of society. Among those who did not sin against the cruel ruler of the noisy uproar step on the dignity of his own brothers.

Our nation once known friendly, Our Indonesia respected by many nations for its rich culture and  natural wealth also biodiversity. But now the of the crisis struck, a moral crisis, economic crisis, until the crisis of leadership. People like helpless, punched in the face, at the foot of conscience by their own representatives. This is the right moment contemplation. Yes, contemplation month, such as 65 years ago when this nation's declaration of independence was declared by  Soekarno - Hatta, with the situation and condition is unsophisticated. Whether a coincidence or Allah has an another plan, dated Agustus 17th 1945 to coincide with the Jumat day, Ramadhan 17th, 1365 H (Wikipedia), where on date 17th to coincide is the Holy Qur'an revelation was derived. But why the ideals it was turned towards the current conditions, although such a sparkling must - once again - step on the dignity of his own brothers. Let us ask ourselves?

So not really exaggerating this holy month, Ramadhan mubarok, glorious month, the month of revelation of the Holy Qur'an, we would be a milestone in the beginning again, to plant and harvest crops virtue, manners please love one another, stringing bits of sense of nationality that has been torn away and class interests, hopes and muse in every state in all he did as he had enjoined the Creator to every human being to become the inheritors of the earth, becoming a leader for himself and others.

As has been written in the Holy Qur'an Surah Al Baqarah
O, Hi who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as obligatory upon the people before you, that ye may be righteous. (Surah Al-Baqarah [2]: 183)

This obligation, requiring the people to willingly run, the purity of the soul and the fear that in truth. Because only Allah and we just knew if we really run or just part of it. This is actually the Allah of desire, if only all the elements capable of running this nation, nationalism canoe paddling together, in earnest and full of sincerity as well as the obligations of Ramadan that should be run with a sense of devotion, undoubtedly all sorts of epidemics, envious heart disease , Who glorify hatred, love of the world and material possessions will not be there or at least a percentage would be much reduced circumstances.

Not like now, sometimes it is hard to describe, our leaders are actually willing to bring the nation where children are scattered, starving in the midst of these great buildings, expect hundreds of money sheen behind the curtain and glass cars rich people, chained in prison beauty itself. Although this boat will be anchored leaking where, confused about the port or indeed lost in the path of light. Then, where the mandate 45's Constitution (UUD ’45) should be addressed?

Every religion teaches kindness, every heart and soul longing for peace and every Ramadhan should be a mirror for the future, in the eleven months to come. I'm not a smart or a holy man who gave teaching about virtue, but if this can be accepted, confronted face to Allah Swt, keep praying for each other, give one another and with a sincere affection maintain permanent harmony.

And please remember when Rasulallah Muhammad gave encouraging news to his people in a hadith: Really, be happy for people who through the month (Ramadhan) is by fasting, praying  and doing good deeds (charity pious).


From a few hundred or even thousands of friends and acquaintances from the Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger, Indonesian Cupid, Yuwie, Foursquare, etc, may already know a lot and even your experience finally get to know yourself  more closely and intimately with someone who was only known through the websites of friends like I have mentioned the above.

Starting from the internet media. Now the writer would tell a bit about the latter figure is close to the writer (better it was calling myself  a "writer" or "I"), okay I'll use "I" only then, if the writer  not looked smart. was the time - even today - our country are booming whose name the  Facebook  user commonly called facebooker, finally I also made an account on Facebook - encouragement and advice YM - friend. Because at that time I was again happy tooling with a blog on Blogspot. So there is nothing wrong, I also made the account.
After the past few months I joined on Facebook, in late October 2009 no by knowing I found out (how to find, right there's nothing missing) the figure of woman unison with me gave comments on the status of my friend (oh forgot what the status or photo), but her comment was clearly a very interesting and tickled my heart. Without waiting for a long time I was Googling on  Search Engine Goooogle, who knows there is more detailed information about the person I'm talking about this, and when I get the result after typing her name turns out there are many links that include her name, and the most made me interested in the figure of woman is she also has a blog with the title Sestri News, very good and interesting too the blog, I thought. Finally not long before I add her Facebook account.

Well, she was full named Francisca Sestri  is indeed a amazing person and not an overstatement if; I say she is a great woman. And from the mere comment, funny  criticisms and light to heavyweight because of - such as - the National issues (sometimes dizziness should think long, while scratching my head that didn't itch) to provide reply comments, I finally get closer to her , even in the early to be friends with joking tone saying, "Why you follow me when I update status or uploads." (the meaning why I always love comments, nosy, etc), but I was just smiling.

But that is where the familiarity with which she is known for energetic, decisive and disciplined appeared, until one day God will give the opportunity to meet his (with cold and hungry because of rain) at the Adi Sumarmo Solo International Airport on January 2010, but only briefly because she was there at the time the task in Semarang. With all the impressions, when Mustika Ratu Conggress at the Sheraton Mustika Hotel Yogyakarta, I take a time to meet her again (and with cold again because of rain) whereas expected at the Raminten, a unique restaurant with all a unique presentation, unique menu also waiter / s with all unique, located behind Gramedia Book Store in Yogyakarta.

Until one day I was invited to Jakarta for hospitality and meet with facebookers other and also the  chance to play house, meet his family members. So far I also like having a new family, because in one occasion he and his colleagues also take the occasion to fulfill my invitation, come to see my cabin (it's mean the house's of my parents, because I don't have a home).

There are still many events are also funny and touching me to make friends with her that comes from Pengging is very familiar with the heritage of the King of Surakarta or Umbul Pengging Bath and located in the western of  Solo City. Women who were born on August 8, 1959 is also known as the author of  the book. And that has been published and circulated in the Gramedia Book Store and Kinokuniya and in review on the Kompas Daily i.e, Tasika dan Kanti Redjeki that much about the life of childhood, about family, especially her mother until he was in advancing the progress of the National economy through the post on hold right now, namely as one of the General Manager in a national private company and as an administrator in several organizations like, GP-JamuPPA Kosmetika  also  Yayasan Puteri Indonesia.

And from these two books mentioned I also began to know more about her background that I can convey briefly after graduate high school in SMA 1 Solo for high school alumni joined in a named Kasmaji 77 (Bekas SMA Siji) and then continued her studies at the Surakarta State University (UNS Surakarta) Faculty of Economics Management in 1978 and  Magister Marketing at the Borobudur University (UNBOR Jakarta) Besides her thoughts are also on the fit in the Suara Karya daily and Jafek Magazine.

Oh yeah... I used to call her with the title Aunty (Let like people overseas, if the Javanese Bu Lek or Tante). That bit of two-trace the story of the cah nggunung, demit, genderuwo,etc (Ha2.. Often she calls me with the title). But no problem, because that obviously become a pride for me to have known the figure of this extraordinary woman and because I've been considered as part of their families. That with wise, humble, friendly and selfless always taken the time to simply tell a story, discussion, giving advice or sharing everyday life experiences are very valuable.

Thank you Aunty Sestri, hopefully what has been given and pass up to now would be an inspiration  for my self  and others., No forget I say Happy Birthday To You, may God be pleased to give long life under  healthy conditions,  prosperous,  peace forever, God bless and best regards for the whole your family, Amin...amiiin..

See and Follow :

FB : Francisca Sestri Twitter : @sestri_g Blogger : Sestri News  Jafek : The Profile  Kompas :  Kompasiana

Another Version, Click This : Puteri Pengging

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Liburan adalah kesempatan yang membahagiakan untuk berkumpul bersama keluarga dan teman-teman. Anda perlu membuat persiapan matang agar liburan anda menyenangkan karena itu perlu  Anda harus luangkan waktu untuk memastikan bahwa segala sesuatunya dalam keadaan yang beres. Anda juga harus meluangkan waktu untuk mempersiapkan diri untuk liburan.

Berikut adalah beberapa tips menjaga kecantikan Anda selama liburan.

Salah satu tip kecantikan yang baik adalah untuk mendapatkannya di salon. Mintalah penata rambut Anda untuk memberikan gaya rambut baru yang akan terlihat pantas dan  sedap dipandang. Anda juga dapat memiliki warna rambut dan perawatan rambut lain yang akan membuat rambut anda terlihat mengkilap dan sehat. Apakah kuku Anda dipotong dan dipoles dengan warna-warna cerah merah, emas atau sesuatu mengkilap agar sesuai dengan suasana hati pada hari libur. Dengan manicure dan padicure merupakan pilihan yang baik untuk kuku Anda.

Cobalah untuk berimprovisasi make-up di wajah. Anda dapat mencoba make-up yang baru dan warna yang berbeda untuk memoles mata dan bibir. Cobalah untuk memakai mineral make-up untuk tampilan sempurna di wajah Anda. Gunakan bayangan mata berwarna emas untuk menciptakan efek dramatis untuk mata Anda. Anda juga dapat mencoba yang berbeda seperti warna ungu, plum dan perhiasan warna mencolok untuk make-up mata dan pewarna kuku. Anda juga harus mencocokkan lipstik dengan perasaan liburan. Terapkan lipstik kaya matte dengan warna pink, berry dan warna persik. Jangan lupa untuk memberikan sedikit merona di pipi Anda. Pilih warna soft pink dan persik untuk pipi Anda untuk terlihat cantik dan menawan.

Seandainya liburan pada musim dingin atau hujan jangan lupa untuk menjaga kulit Anda. Gunakan Exfoliating Scrub lembut untuk kulit anda untuk mengangkat sel kulit kering dan mati. Cobalah untuk melembabkan kulit Anda sesering mungkin. Carilah pelembab berbasis air jika Anda memiliki kulit normal, pelembab berbasis minyak jika Anda memiliki kulit kering. Tapi jangan lupa ntuk melindungi wajah Anda dengan menggunakan krim tabir surya untuk melindunginya dari panas matahari.

Cobalah untuk menurunkan berat badan sebelum liburan. Tampilan baru Anda akan selaras dengan make-up dan gaya rambut. Cobalah untuk melakukan latihan rutin dan cobalah untuk tidak terlalu banyak makan. Cobalah untuk mempertahankan berat badan Anda sebisa mungkin sebelum dan selama liburan sehingga Anda akan sangat nyaman sepanjang waktu.

Anda tahu akan memiliki banyak waktu untuk makan dan apa yang harus dilakukan selama liburan karena banyak watu luang. Cara terbaik adalah mempersiapkan diri dan merencanakan bagaimana Anda akan mempertahankan berat badan, namun tetap menikmati liburan pada saat yang sama. Anda dapat mencoba makan makanan porsi kecil. Anda dapat melewatkan kue dan kue manis dan makan buah-buahan segar sebagai gantinya. Makan lebih banyak salad segar dengan saus ringan, lebih banyak makan ayam atau ikan daripada daging segar. Ingatlah untuk selalu minum air putih yang banyak. Tidak peduli seberapa sibuk Anda cobalah untuk meluangkan waktu melakukan beberapa kegiatan dan latihan membuang kalori ekstra pada tubuh Anda.

Dapatkan yang terbaik dengan menikmati liburan Anda, anda pantas mendapatkannya karena Anda telah persiapkan untuk itu. Nikmati!


Whose names have sex, of course, should be enjoyed by both parties. But it's no secret, many wives who do not get satisfaction as expected. In fact, would felt tortured. Finally, they serve the husband with too reluctantly.

Here are 10 mistakes commonly done by the man at the time of intercourse, and how to overcome them.

1. There is no Preparation
To bring a cozy atmosphere, you do not have to be an interior designer reliably. What is important, consider the things that make a room or stuffy atmosphere here. First, get rid of piles of dirty clothes, or magazines, make up this bedroom. Then for make romantic atmosphere, try to reduce the lights, turn on soft music, and spray air freshener.

2. No Wear Warming
There was a time, you are very excited to remember to warm up. That's perfectly natural course. Which is not fair if every time you make an intimate relationship, your "main shoot" anyway. Believe it, your wife will feel the difference between having sex when their partner is with or without heating. Women need a little warming before reaching an intimate relationship. Heating can be a caress, caress, whispering words of tenderness and exciting.

3. Too Fast
Try to hold back when he saw the couple wearing a sexy nightgown. Do not just play-attack only. Look at his eyes a "calling" and a seductive smile. Take control of yourself when sitting side by side in bed and she does not accidentally touch your knees and pretend to look away when you look at him. The ability to control yourself in bed will make a couple more excited and even your wife to lose control. Enjoy everything and believe me, you both must be happy.

4. Too Tired
Most wives somewhat reluctant to say frankly what he wants. Still you can tell by his body language. Do not treat her like a doll, but try to understand what she wants. Feel how he responded to touch you give and give reaction to the body language is demonstrated. When you feel she becomes tense at the touch or caress particular, the possibility of movement of coarse you or your partner easily amused. Well, you touch more softly.

5. Too many Positions
Do not worry, most women have a nature adventure and want to try something new in bed. But if you want to introduce new positions, do it carefully and do not insist. Invite your wife gradually and slowly introduce your fantasy.

6. No Respect
However, women still want to be appreciated. In bed though. Although the wife is always trying to please you, in fact it often makes him feel resentful. So before you call him a cordial greeting, be sure to get him to 'play' together or allow it to reach the pleasure first.

7. Too Set
In other words, you are always concerned with personal desires. Do not regulate, and expect him to obey you for granted. Sex is a fun whole hog without coercion, is not something that makes people become uncomfortable and stressed. Communicate your desires through the sweet words or moving the body gently for position you want. Mode will provide a more pleasant outcome than the way govern or force.

8. Too Focused
Do not just interested in a particular spot. Full woman's body with parts that are sensitive to sexual stimulation. If you are in bed with your partner, ciumilah the neck. More precisely, the place where the shoulder meets the neck, slowly and gently rubbed her back with your fingers, stroked her feet. This will make the wife become "hot" and he will turn around trying to please you in any way.

9. Too Selfish
When you've reached the peak of pleasure, does not mean couples feel the same. Do not forget, she also wants the enjoyment as you feel. When he felt the same pleasure as you feel, he would refuse if asked to make out hard with you. Even if your wife is hard to reach the top, you should at least try to please him.

10. Jump Snoring
It is understandable if you want to go straight to bed after sex game amazing. But this is the worst behaviors that are often carried out by a man against a woman during sex. Try to think of what is felt and needed by your partner after making out. Invite a partner to talk things out before you fly a light into the world of dreams.


Industrial world continues to grow dynamically and which was so tight competition to further improve the awareness of the importance of business of a brand. Brand is a very valuable asset called goodwill and was on the balance sheet. Also the brand that will provide future revenue.

Is it true a Brand?
Understanding the brand by David A. Aaker is the name and or distinctive symbols (such as a logo, brand or packaging) in order to identify the goods or services from a vendor or a particular vendor group. Thus a brand to distinguish them from goods and services produced by competitors. Meanwhile, according to William J. Stanton is the name brand, term, symbol, or special design elements or some combination of these elements are designed to identify the goods or services offered by the seller. Thus, it can be concluded that the brand has two elements, namely  brand name consisting of letters or words that can be read, and Brand-shaped mark containing symbol. Brand of companies promise to consistently provide features, benefits, and certain services to the buyer. Brand is more than just a guarantee of quality because it included the following six terms.
  1. Product attributes, such as quality, prestige, resale value of design, and others. Mercedes says something expensive, products made with good, good design, durable, highly prestigious and so on.
  2. Benefits. While a brand with a number of attributes consumers actually buy the benefits of these products. In this case the brand attributes needed to be translated into functional benefits or emotional benefits. As an illustration, the attribute "expensive" tend to be translated as emotional benefits, so people who drive a Mercedes will feel themselves considered important and appreciated.
  3. Value. Brand also said something about the value of the manufacturer. Mercedes says the high-performance products, safe, prestigious, and so on. Thus  Mercedes producers also received high marks in the eyes of society.
  4. Culture. Brand also reflect a certain culture. Mercedes represents German culture is organized, consistent, high level of seriousness, efficient, and high quality.
  5. Personality. Brand also reflects a certain personality. Often a specific product using the well-known personalities to boost or sustain brand products.
  6. Users. Brand shows of consumers who buy or use these products. Users generally  Mercedes associated with the rich, the top managers, and so on. User Dimension Kiddies of course is the children.
So, brand is a name, term, sign, symbol or design or combination of them, which aimed to identify the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate from competitors. Some of the brands include brand names, brand marks, trademarks, and copyright. Brand name is part of the brand where part of the brand that can be mentioned or spelled. Brand mark is part of a brand that can not be spelled or mentioned, as a symbol, design or color or a different letter. Trademarks are the brand or the brand given to protect-namely legally protect the seller to use the exclusive right to use the brand name or brand mark. Copyright is the exclusive legal rights granted to reproduce, publish, and sell everything that shaped the book, musical or artistic work.


10 The Body Part of Women Who Want Touched

We all know that a woman's body parts most often explored by man, where only around the vagina, chest and buttocks. Most nerve endings are located in this section, but women have the pleasure sensors in all parts of the body. To make your wife might be excited by stimulating parts of your body that often ignore. By doing this at the touch when making love or just make him happy after a busy day, will give a special plus for you. David Strovny from AskMen will explain the body parts were everywhere.

1. Hair
Keeping the hair still gorgeous, is not the only reason why women so often go to the salon. The process of washing, cutting, coloring and styling can be a release of stress for women. With stroking her hair is a great way to provide stimulation to the spinal cord. Perform massage play with your fingers from the forehead to the nape of his neck, then he will submit in your hands.

2. Back of the Neck
Once you get to the back of his neck, gave some soft kisses in this section. In the long life of  Japan, the back of the neck of the woman has always been attractive to men because it is one of the few body parts not covered by clothing. In these modern times, this part is often ignored, but never underestimate the power of touch and gentle kiss from the base of the hair to his shoulders.

3. Collarbone
Clavicle bone located between the shoulder and the chest is, can look so sexy on women. Why not show your admiration for this section to touch and kiss her? Look carefully at this section when he was still fully clothed. Open a few buttons on his shirt was enough to reveal his collarbone and not more than that. You can always come back to this section in when the clothes were gone, as well as to remind him that all the action starts from this section.

4. A Small Portion Back
The best way to guide her through the crowd you is to put your hand on a small portion back. This will show your protective attitude but not too pushy like to hug her shoulder. When you two are alone, with kissing and licking the spine and then ends with a kiss on his back a small part will make her heart pounding.

5. Rear Knee
This section is one who does not think of a man when he was stimulating her. But the fact is quite sensitive parts. Gently rub the back of the knee under her skirt will make it soon be ready to welcome the next action.

6. Palms
People often use their hands as a means to please her partner, but seldom realize the potential of stimulating the pleasure if your own hands. By exploring the palm of his hand with your finger will give him a pleasant vibration and make you look sensitive and caring.

7. Earlobe
Touching, kissing and even a soft bite on the ear lobe will be your wife for her own pleasure. Lobe is so soft it is very sensitive and most women enjoy it when there lips to stimulate her man in this section. You can stimulate the other points in the outer ear of another, but not to clog the ear hole with your tongue.

8. Feet
Massage on the feet can cause the sensation of its own. Not many better ways to make him relax, in addition to massage her feet. Especially if your wife has been working all day. Do it properly and use the oil for massage. Do not forget to pay attention to the part of the finger, wrist and leg sides. Some women like her toes kissed by him, but some who thought it disgusting. So first ask him, before entering that part into your mouth.

9. The Inside of the Thigh
By touching the inner thigh without involving the surrounding vaginal stimulation will be perfect for him. Use your hands and mouth to caress and kiss her inner thigh. Every now and then approached the main pleasures, but do not forget to get away ..

10. The Pelvis
Focus on the hip is a good idea, but most will remain resistant to go directly to the vagina when you've very close. Like stimulate inner thigh, with the kissing around the pelvis to stimulate her and made her back sensation. Make long will ask at any time by shifting the focus to other parts of the body.

Don't go there
Every inch of her body always covered with lots of nerve endings can be stimulated, but it does not mean he does not have a place that should not be touched. Some women can not stand it when his face is touched, while others feel uncomfortable if his being tickled. If you have to explore, you'll know the place where the best results to the touch and which ones to avoid.

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Donate Blood is a Noble Deed

Your blood can save lives of others. As a donor, of course, you need to know if you give blood a healthy and safe for patients who need them. But sometimes your blood can not be given to the patient. This happens because you feel healthy even if your blood can carry the virus / disease-causing germs that may unintentionally transmit the disease to the recipient of your blood.

Therefore, before the necessary blood donor selection or examination of donors with the aim of :
1. Maintaining healthy donors.
2. Preventing the risk of disease transmission to recipients of blood.

The Disease can be Transmitted through Blood Transfusion

A. HIV Infection / AIDS
The cause of a virus called HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). Once someone is infected with HIV, she can transmit HIV to others all his life. People infected with HIV called HIV positive. People who are HIV positive does not mean he has AIDS, because AIDS symptoms will appear an average of 2 - 10 years since the person is infected with HIV. Before the AIDS symptoms a person with HIV is still felt and looked healthy, even be negative laboratory examination if the person has recently infected with HIV. The period between the entry of HIV into the human body until the formation of antibody to HIV or  HIV positive is called, it takes 2 weeks to 3 months. Period is called the window period (window period). Before the AIDS symptoms, can transmit  HIV to others by mistake because he did not know if infected with HIV.
AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, a disease/collection of symptoms caused by the loss/damage the human immune system so that the actual disease is not dangerous for people with AIDS can lead to death.

Modes of Transmission of HIV
Besides can pass through the blood (blood transfusion, needle, needle piercing, tattoos and other puncture tool) can also be transmitted through :
  • Sexual relationship with a partner who is great and turns.
  • Pregnant women who are HIV positive to the fetus/baby.
The people who have a big risk getting HIV / AIDS and should not donate blood is :
  • People who have several sexual partners both heterosexual and homosexual.
  • Have / are suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, such as GO, syphilis, etc.
  • Users who use injection drugs.
  • A person with signs and symptoms such as AIDS, sweating so much at night, fever, weight loss, swollen glands neck and underarms, permanent diarrhea, also cancer.
  • A person who is the lab results of his HIV positive.
HIV / AIDS or other diseases is not available because someone donated blood. Because all the tools used to draw blood is always sterile and disposable.

B. Hepatitis (Heart Inflammation)
Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver disease with symptoms :
a. Yellow throughout the body
b. Abdominal pain upper right
c. Fever
d. Decreased appetite
e. Nausea and Vomiting
In some people there who have no symptoms and no pain, but found a positive laboratory signs of hepatitis B/C, so that when blood is given to the patient accidentally infect patients. Modes of transmission Hepatitis B/C the same as HIV.

C. Syphilis
If you have pain or laboratory syphilis VDR / RPR positive your blood will not be given to those who are sick.

D. Malaria
Malaria is a disease with major symptoms of fever, may be accompanied by chills. The disease is often lost and arise, therefore if you just have these symptoms, you are requested to postpone the first donation.


Should Your Wife to Work?

Lots of men who objected when his wife worked. The reason for this can vary. Often the reason that it is "acceptable", but often it is psychological reasons that are often difficult to be accepted by common sense. This paper is more devoted to men (especially young couples), although it's okay if the woman also read. My question to you - the husband - that is if you were one of husbands who object to your wife work? If yes, whether the reason you are accepted by common sense? Or whether your reasons are psychological? Or worse, if the reason you are impressed ridiculous?

I do not know what's on your mind - the husband. This paper is not made to offend me your reasons, but rather to what pros and cons if your wife works. I'll try to be neutral here. The first advantage of increased revenue is clear, that with your wife to work, income in your family will certainly increase. For many other families, many working wives also contributed to the pay family expenses. Perhaps the husband to cover 50%, the wife is also 50%. But many wifes (work) the other, who did not come to cover family expenses.

That is, money is money the husband and wife, but instead the money was not the wife and the husband's money belongs to his own wife. But for many families, the reason to work from his wife may have been the wife was not feeling constantly 'rationed' of the husband, so she felt more free when the "pocket money" comes from their own income because he worked.

What Actually Happened?
Let us go back to the basics in a family. The nature of God to men who remained there from the past until now, is the women who are pregnant, while men are out for a living. When not married, may be the man and the woman are both working. Then followed with marriage. When the wife pregnant, then when the wife's previous work, the wife usually will ask to stop or leave of absence from work. After giving birth and the age of the child has reached a few months or years - where the child can be left behind - often arise from the wife's dilemma whether he should return to work or not. Reasons for returning to work is mixed. Maybe the wife will miss noisy atmosphere in the office. Perhaps he also wanted to find activities outside the home that can be done every day. Or maybe he wants to find a new atmosphere that could refresh her after caring for a child a few months or several years.

However, the desire to return to work occasionally emerged from the economic reasons. Two incomes may be considered better than one income. Now, families have only one income alone will usually have a number of  cost of  living is smaller than if the families have two incomes. The money saved can usually smaller. This makes sense: the greater the income, usually the greater the cost of  his life. But the profits, with only one person working, the other party (usually the wife) could stay home to watch his children grow up.

Families with two incomes - of course - will have a number of larger incomes. But the consequences will be many new things to think about old people, such as a sitter problems or other issues that will often arise due to leave the kids at home, so here, the cost of  living will usually be greater. Husband and wife must have had a number of reasons for preferring to have two incomes instead of one income.

But one thing to realize is whether with the same work will answer the financial problems that arise? When you're thinking to answer whether you both need to have two incomes or not, focus your attention to answering questions about how much will you earn both a net after deducting the cost of living and saving your family routine. After that, see if the amount is satisfactory or not.

Then look again at whether the amount is proportional to the things that non-sacrificial material, such as lost time with children, the ease of caring for children (both of you no longer need to have a nanny), and so on and so forth. In order to determine whether the two of you need to work together or not, let us see it from two factors, ie economic factors and non-economic factors.

Economic Factors
Considering the economic factor, if both of your work, then there are components that will be living cost has increased drastically, and there are also components of the new cost of  living that will arise, than if you both have only one income.

1. Child care. Obviously, if both of you work outside, you certainly do not want to leave your child alone at home. You need a babysitter, and you have to pay their salaries every month. Little big salary depends on where you live. If you live in big town, the salary you pay, of course, would be greater than if you live outside town that have living cost lower.

2. Entertainment and children's toys. With children who are alone without you at home (except with caregiver), you have to give it more fun and buy him toys that he had tired of his solitude. Eat out. With a little more time to cook, you both will also be more frequent eating out, whether it was day or night, with or without children. The existence of domestic servants can not always be the standard that you will more often eat at home with your child when the night. In a sense, with the two of you work, you will more often eat out than if one of you live in the house. Especially at lunchtime. And eating out, of course, more expensive than if you shop alone, cooking and eating at home.

3. Transportation back and forth from home to work. If it was just the husband that the cost of transportation, now with the wife who also worked, the wife must also transportation costs.

4. Other matters related to employment. The wife also must spend money to buy new work clothes, and other matters related to his work. Do not ever underestimate your costs mentioned above. Before the wife took the decision to work or not, try to calculate these costs carefully on paper, and compare it with when the wife stays at home.

The Key to Determine What You Need Both of  Work or Not
In terms of economics, there is one key to determining whether your wife should both work or not. Write down all the family income at the moment, and then subtract the amount of family expenditures. Then compare the income and expenditure is now if your wife also works. Then, compare the rest.

1. If for example, after the count, the rest of your money to work together is greater than if only one person is working, then - from the point of economy - would be better if both of your work.

2. But if that happens the opposite, where the rest of your money to work both smaller than if only one person is working, then - from the point of economy - would be better if just one person from you both are working.

Non Economic Factors
Sometimes, the decision to have two incomes are not always based on economic reasons. In Indonesia and in many other countries, the family living cost is usually borne by the men - in this case the husband. This makes her partner - his wife - came a desire to work with not basing on the need to get the material, but - perhaps - to fill the time, for pleasure, or other things outside economic factors. If so, fine. Maybe the wife's job gives him inner satisfaction. Maybe it makes the job of your wife's intellect unearthed. Maybe your wife working just to socialize, to fill the time, or because the job was very enjoyable. If indeed these reasons that appear, it could have come second economic factors.

Work no Child Left
If the husband works and the wife does not work when he wants to also work without leaving the child, try to work at home. Today, many businesses that can be run from home. Do not worry that people who work at home can not earn a living for people who work outside the home. Any type of business can provide great income, even though the business was run from home though.

For husbands who have been okay if your wife works, think again what your mind is the reason. Consider these reasons in terms of economic and non economic. If that's the reason you are non-economic, think again whether these reasons are acceptable to common sense or not.

If it's non-economic reasons that it is acceptable to common sense, maybe it's your wife should not work. But if non-economic reasons for the "difficult" reasonable or even seem ridiculous, then think again why you are. Advice to you husbands : consider your reasons objectively, and give the best decision for your wife.